Aluna Festivalfrom June 29 to July 01, 2023

The Ardèche Aluna Festival is an authentic festival in a unique setting with more than twenty concerts spread over two stages: The Star Stage and the Meteor Stage !

The festival in a few words :

If Aluna does not resemble any other festival, this festival otherwise, Ardeche Aluna Festival, also owes much to its roots in the Ardeche which is attached to its name. Strongly participating in the tourist dynamism of the territory, it could not remain without the support of its population, the surrounding campings and the local economic fabric.
Aluna is an almost autonomous festival, a feat and a guarantee for the future.

The signs of this regional rooting are reinforced by the installation of a village of Ardèche crafts and a gourmet village where you can taste regional beers and wines.

While most French festivals occupy more or less narrow niches, Aluna chooses not to choose between song, pop and rock, or even between rap, reggae and electronic music. Its only ambition is to always offer better, with a strongly increasing artistic budget. It is indeed sometimes necessary to break the piggy bank to access stars whose fees are constantly increasing. Giant concerts on the Etoile stage to which are added the Meteor stage and since last year, the Comet stage to welcome the artists of tomorrow of the electronic scene.