Take advantage of your stay at the campsite to visit the Caverne du Pont d’Arc, a replica of the Chauvet cave, 15 km away in Vallon Pont d’Arc. Dive into the history of this world famous site and meet the first artists of humanity.

A little history

The Chauvet cave discovered in 1994 in Ardeche is the oldest decorated cave in the world with paintings dated -36000 years. Renowned for the quality of its cave paintings but also for the number of works, the Chauvet cave is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is not accessible to the public.

The replica of the Pont d’Arc

In order to allow the public to discover this prehistoric masterpiece, a replica was built a few kilometers from the original. The restitution of the Chauvet cave called Caverne du Pont d’Arc reproduces identically the numerous parietal representations of Chauvet. Thus, everyone can live the experience of entering the oldest decorated cave in the world.
During your visit to the aurignacian gallery you will see: the great pillar of stalactites, bear bones, painted animals (reindeer, mammoths, deer, cave lions, woolly rhinoceros, horse…) but also traces of man like negative hands, positive hands and footprints.