20 km from the campsite, discover the Château des Roure located in a picturesque Ardèche village marked by the war of religions in the 16th century and the massacre of the Huguenots. The castle of Roure is a bastion standing in Labastide-de-Virac, between the cave of Pont d’Arc and the Aven d’Orgnac.

To see, to do :

  • Enjoy the panoramic view of the Cevennes and the Tanargue on the Chemin de Ronde of the Château des Roure.
  • Cross the walls of the Château des Roure to discover its architectural and historical treasures. In particular, its two round towers, its watchtowers and its keep are unique constructions of the building.
  • Take advantage of the visit to the castle’s silk factory. It is the most important silk industry in the region.
  • Discover the breeding of the bombyx silkworm during the tourist season as well as the kokuso mulberry trees and the vineyards of the estate.
  • Take a small excursion in the lower Vivarais to discover the whole village.